Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thank you, Lord

Thank you Lord that each person is different;
in color and shape,
in talents and interest,
by its differences, you make ach one beautiful.

Thank you for the uniqueness of others:
Thank you that others know what I do not know,
Thank you that others pick up jobs which I do not like,
Thank you for what I can do which others cannot.
By uniqueness, you make each one a donor.

Thank you for my failures; without them I cannot appreciate success.
Thank you for the sufferings and inconveniences I meet in daily living;
Without them I cannot understand happiness.
Thank you for the realization of my sinfulness
for I see the need of your forgiveness and the need to forgive others.
Thank you that I cannot answer many questions by logic;
I must answer them by faith.

Thank you for the people around me;
for how can I fulfill your law of “love your neighbor”
if there’s no one to love.

Thank you Lord for joining us in humanity;
You showed us personally how to join with you in divinity.