Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Death: A Blessing

It there were only birth and no more death, the earth will be saturated with people without space to move around. Each one will be scampering for space above, each climbing on others’ backs to get a breathing space. And the great grand parents being weak will have to settle at the base of the human pyramid and will be the footstools of their great grand children. To be there at the bottom being trampled upon, flattened but can’t die, is indeed a horrifying punishment on earth.

I thank the Lord that I must die; He pities me not to be trampled like a doormat.

Some people abhor to think of death; they keep themselves busy to avoid the thought of death; they simply ignore this fact. When their love ones die, they curse everybody including God; they don’t want to bury the dead. They can not accept that a bemedaled man, a miss universe, a royal blood, a scientist, a tycoon can be eaten by the worms.

Struggling not to die is disobedient to our master Jesus Christ. Jesus died and so, we must. Jesus resurrected, and so we do. His death is the qualification of his resurrection. We have to die to resurrect with Him.