Monday, February 07, 2005

Are You Worried? (Lk 12:22-34)

Some are worried having no eye-glasses; but others have no eyes.
Some are worried having no handbag; but others don't have arms.
Some are worried having no new pair of shoes; but others have no feet.

Some are worrying getting fat; they get anxious, dying to get trimmed; but others simply don't have food; they get hungry thinning to die.

Some are worried having lost their comb, having no shampoo; but others have no hair at all; his bald head is exposed to weather harassment.

Some are worried not to own a new ring; but others have no fingers; in fact they make rings as business; they also make one for the nose; htye have only holes (in the leprosarium).

some are worried that their cheek, once pinkish with youthfulness are now accumulating furrows of shadows; but others have no cheek, only bones.

Why do some people--maybe many--invest their time, effort, money, even their life to worrying about their skin, about the covering, about the wrappings, about the tag, about the color, about the paint, about the hairdo, about how they smell--about the non-essentials that do no touch the core of self?

I admire those who do not have the essentials--without eyes, without limbs, without arms, without feet and ye they do not worry to death but instead they dare to cross the border of nothingness and enter into as a new world of creativity. What spirit transpires them into that new world? they have the spirit of faith that transcends reason; they have the love that overcomes hatred; they have the hope that penetrates the dark.

They are the brave.
They are inspirers of the hopeless.
They have no medal; they have no ranks of major and general, but anyhow, they are the undeclared heroes.

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