Monday, February 07, 2005

A Prayer To The Lord of Pastors

As i begin my pastoral ministry, I beg you to bestow on me the wisdom of Solomon to know the difference between right and wrong.

make my heart impartial as the Samaritan's to lift those beaten by the harsh world. Let me have the hand of Joseph of Arimathea to reach out those who are pinned down by their cross.

When afflicted by betrayal, remind me with your penetrating eyes that drove Peter to repentance. In times of doubt, give me the faith of St. Thomas. When my commitment falters, let me have the loyalty of St. John.

When I am down at my deepest pain, let me cling at the foot of Thy cross as your Mother Mary did. When I will be tired, give me the missionary urgency of St. Paul.

When I am crowded with work, let me have the enthusiasm of Zacheus to see you stop by a sycamore tree.

Please visit me in time of loneliness as You did to Martha and Mary.

Give me the privilege to see Thy glory as seen in Mr. Thabor that I may rejoice exceedingly as the Angels did. Amen

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