Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MARY: The Authentic Narrator

Mary was there at the Annunciation listening to the angelic
proclamation of her motherhood, "and you shall bear a
son and his name is Jesus."

She was in the manger in Bethlehem hugging her NiƱo
with her pinkish smile.

She was there at Egypt as a refugee to escape from the
death-threat to her Son; and she went back to Nazareth
to found a home of love and of work.

She was there at the Synagogue searching for her Son;
she was awed to see Jesus, who at twelve,
standing in the midst of the lawyers of the day teaching,
explaining the spirit of the laws and traditions.
She was the more perplexed when her Son declared
His responsibility, "Do you not know that
I am my Father's business?"

She was there at the first miracle at Cana where
she made an intervention to Jesus "they have no wine."
Even though "His hour has not yet come," nonetheless
Jesus could not withhold the plea of His mother.

She was there in all stages of the Passion:
she never fainted at the sight of pain her Son endured.
Conver unconscious as she heard the last breath
of life when He gasped, "It is finished."
Never abandoned the dead Son but held on
at the foot of the cross.

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