Monday, February 07, 2005


Things do not exist for themselves:

The soil does not fertilize for itself,
The sea does not abound fish for itself,
The air does not breathe for itself,
The plant does not bear fruit for itself,
The house does knot take residence for itself.

It is absurd that they exist for themselves; they exist for someone greater than themselves.
They exist for man, to be used by man.

If man were to exist for himself, he must be absurd and much more absurd that the things of nature.

Man must necessarily exist for Someone greater than hi9mself:
He must exist for God.

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Gabriel Gaela said...

"We shall SERVE
The LORD our GOD
With all our

To be specific I am contemplating to be a priest since childhood &
now I am to pursue that dream &
get out of my shell to be off service to GOD and my fellowmen!

GOD created us through his IMAGE which is LOVE that is why were on a PURPOSE to LOVE and to be LOVED!

And together with my aspiration of serving HIM I would spread HIS gospel to HIS people with LOVE!

For all HIS GOSPELS are all about HIS love for all of us! HE gave us JESUS CHRIST, HIS only BEGOTTEN SON to save us from our sins!

And so in return for HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for us I am to give my LIFE to HIM and continue on with my noblest goal to serve HIM for he is our GREATEST MASTER, GREATEST FRIEND, GREATEST FATHER, and LOVING REDEEMER!