Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Land: To be Shared

The deepest descent upon this earth is
Christ's "dwelling among us" in
human flesh and in time.

Christ, the Holy One has graced this earth
with His presence: He slept on earth, walked
over it, strolled the beaches, rode over the
waves of the sea. Up on a hill He bled
and was buried beneath the tomb.

This earth is penetrated by His presence:
"take off your sandals!" With bare feet
trace the bloody footprints of the divine
visitation. Touch with tenderness this purple
ground and feel the warmth of care.
It is good to be here, to live
To breathe the consecrated air.

This ground is like the altar
upon which was slain the "Lamb of God";
upon which the "bread of heaven"
is grown and served.

Indeed, this ground is holy, to be hallowed,
to be shared; meant for everyone.

Every one being born must have a place
at this holy ground;
Every one living must have a share of the food.

Just as any man is born in time
so shall he occupy in space.
This is a divine heritage.

The one who invades the entire sacred ground,
the few who grab all the sacred bread
will incur a desecration; "depart from me...
you have turned this temple into a den of thieves

The one who shares a space,
the one who breaks bread with others
will receive a consecration: when God announces,
"Good and faithful servants...come,
enter into the kingdom I have
prepared for you."

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