Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hunting for the Best

In the course of doing our assignment we want to do it well,
and the best of course. As you are the first deployed mission
team, you earnestly want to set the best of everything.

Later on you will come to realize that the best we have put
up is not at all the best because we discover another way
better than before.

Therefore, the right attitude is to believe that what we are
doing now is not really the best; the best is elusive,
it is forever to be hunted.

Hunting for the best is what makes life thrilling and
missionary. The thrill of hunting ends when the hunter
is trapped by death. Only at that moment can the hunter
grasp the best he had been chasing in his life-time.

To believe that our work is the best is to be closed to
other possibilities for the better, even to be proud that
no one can do it better than we do.

What is important is the reason which motivates us to be
doing and not the doing itself. What matters most is,
"Thy will be done," and not what we have done.
What is important is to "whom shall i go,"
and not where shall I go.

With this perspective in mind, the "rest will be added
unto you" and then you are on the path to the BEST.
Without this perspective, you will become the BEAST.

Keep on chasing the best to tame the "beast" in us!

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Gabriel Gaela said...


These words are what I usually
utter now!

Because I have come to know that only the LORD knows what is good and better for us!

This post reminded me of being the BEAST some time ago!

I happened to seek for what is best for me in my own way.

I didnt listen to whatever advices my parents told me!

Because since childhood I was always being scolded by my mom,
I often get wounded not only physically but morally and emotionally because of it!

Beacause of that instances in my life I rebelled against my parents and disobeyed whatever advices they give me!

I tried a lot of things and sought for a more relaxed life together with my peers whom I thought would guide me.

But as time passes by I didnt realized that I am becoming worst together with my friends!

We usually cut classes and play billiards. Without knowing I was about to be dropt from all my subjects!

When I came to know about it, my parents came to know about it too through my concerned classmates.

And at that moment my mom scolded me and we started to quarrel.

After an hour of quarrel it came to my mind to run away from home and I did it without hesitation!

For 5 days I went to Silang from Noveleta without any amount of money with me! I experienced to sleep in the market or wherever
place I'll reached whenever the darkness of the night comes.

On my 3rd day a friend passes by the road and saw me on my dirty appearance. He asked me what happened and then I told him everything. He let me stay with him in Laguna and on the 5th day he asked me are you ready to go home and I quickly answered yes I am ready. He brought me back to Noveleta and I stayed on my former teachers house for a day to get my self ready for coming home.

My time to go home came that evening we ride on the tricycle towards our house and when i went down the tricycle my father was about to go out the gate and would look for me again!

We had an eye contact and I thought that my father would hit me with his closed fist, instead he embraced me and tears started to run down our faces. Then the whole family came out the house and we started to have a group hug.

The only word that burst out on my lips was the word "SORRY".

I thought that what I did was the best for me! I didnt think of what would be the consequences for my actions!

Now I believe that

My experience gave me the way to fully recognize that what our parents want us is the best for

I came to realized that no parents would want anything bad to happen to their beloved children.

Thanks to my experience and now I give everything to the LORD.

I usually prays that HIS WILL be DONE for me!

Now I am contemplating to be a priest for I want to let others experience the
that I am experiencing now
for GOD wants us, HIS children to be the best creation He has created with FAITH, COMPASSION, and LOVE towards one another!

So lets join hands and pray that MAY HIS WILL BE DONE FOR US!
No matter what would be the outcome we know it is the best that He wanted for us!