Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Modern Slave

A man is a slave:
when he is just a narrator of other stories,
when he is just an onlooker of events passing by,
when he is just a user of ready-made products,
when he is just a consumer of instant-junk food,
when his thoughts are xerox-copies of advertisements,
when he is afraid to make an extra step beyond the
traditional boundary, when he practices the old
Mosaic law of retaliation, when he is just contented
with the Manna of the technogical assembly lines.

Man is free, and he can set himself free:
only when he should create his own stories,
only when he is the actor of events,
only when he should be a producer,
only when he should extract something novel from the common,
only when he dates to tread the unfamiliar ground by faith,
only when he lives up to the New Covenant value of forgiveness,
only when he should eat the Bread of Life to sustain him in
pilgrimage towards the New Earth where no smoke gets into his eyes.

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